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Before deciding to buy a used boat, information about her condition, such as structural integrity, safety, machinery and equipment, maintenance issues, as well as cosmetic appearance is essential.

Our pre-purchase survey provides a detailed technical inspection of the boat, which is carried out when the boat is both laid up in dry dock and afloat. The survey gives our clients a clear understanding of the boat’s condition, as well as reports on certain items which affect her general condition and value that may be in need of attention. Therefore it assists in the decision making and negotiating for the final contract details leading to the buying of a yacht.


Surveys are carried out by non-destructive means and this can only be changed if the boat owners’ approval is given. In addition, it is important to mention that survey can be tailored to suit the clients’ needs.


The pre-purchase survey covers the following areas:

In dry dock

  • Hull bottom shell (osmotic blistering inspection is provided by means of an updated  moisture meter instrument, as well as assessing any previous repairs, hittings, fractures, etc.)
  • Propulsion system (shafts, propellers, cutlass bearings, stuffing boxes, etc.)
  • Keel and ballast (keel hull join, keel bolts, keel stiffening, etc.)
  • Rudder and steering gear (rudder bearings, stuffing boxes, steering mechanism, etc.)
  • Bow, stern thruster (propeller, bearings, etc.)
  • Zinc anodes


  • Accommodation in general
  • Galley, including its equipment
  • Electrical systems, generators condition
  • Electronic and navigation equipment
  • Internal structure examination
  • Tanks, pumps, hoses and piping
  • Sanitation devices
  • Engine and auxiliary machinery
  • Safety and fire fighting equipment
  • Deck fittings and superstructure
  • Mast and rigging (for sailing boats)
  • Sea trials (to check the engine, steering, anchoring, trim tabs and other systems under normal/maximum operating conditions)
  • Boat documentation


During the survey of the above mentioned areas attention is also paid to the conditions in the area in which the boat will be operated.

Note that the proper preparation of a boat before the survey greatly enhances the quality of the survey. Guidance on preparation will be given to our clients.

The client is encouraged to attend during survey for any queries he/she may have and to be verbally informed about any findings. However the number of persons on board should be limited to those needed for operating the boat in order to be able to survey the boat without interruptions.  Any findings will be discussed ONLY (discretely) with the client.


Some photos of yachts from recent pre-purchase surveys are presented below:





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