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The construction or the refitting of a yacht requires mainly the drafting of a detailed specification which will suit buyers’ requirements, as well as it will ensure that all structural and fitting out details are foreseen in order to avoid extra charge at the yacht completion.


Further to the above, the interaction with various parties involved is necessary, such as lawyers, building yard, designers, subcontractors, Classification Societies, flag states and charter coding officials, etc.


During the construction, a constant quality monitoring at each stage is necessary to reserve the quality, follow the specification and prevent any conflict.


Our role as supervising surveyors is to co-ordinate the requirements of each party involved, at the same time to provide technical advice and solutions where necessary and to ensure that all requirements are met.


During the process, records are kept in the form of reports, photographs, recommendations and numerous talks/meetings with each party involved.


The following services are provided:

  •  Initial check of the achievability and the cost of the outcome
  • Preparation and review of the specification
  • Attending during order negotiation to consult in the clarification of technical matters
  • Technical inspections at each stage
  • Ensure that the production timescale is met and that all items meet those agreed in the contract
  • Ensure compliance with standards
  • Resolve any unexpected problem
  • Sea trials and machinery testing
  • Final inspection after completion
  • Official verification for any unconventional delays or structures which are leading to penalties subject to compensation


KARAMALIS & ASSOCIATES has acted as consultants and attending engineers during the construction of more than 30 large yachts on behalf of Greek and foreign owners.


The said yachts were constructed in reputed yards, such as:

  • In Italy by Cantieri Di Pisa, Baglieto, Canados, Possillippo, Admiral, Versilcraft and Italcraft.
  • In the U.K. by Sunseeker (for motor yachts having lengths of 37m, 30m, 25m and 23m) 
  • In Sweden by Swan (for sailing yacht)


Some photos of yachts from recent new building projects are presented below:



Recent Projects

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